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gracie roy United States

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About me

Im Funny smart kewl and i like HIPPIES and arri17 has her own glog yeah.... we r beast budz..... (i am at her house makin a glog rite now lolz)




THe 80's peeps and the music they have now ecept I HATE MILEY CYRUS AND JUSTIN BIEBER ( me and arri17 think alike we hate JUSTIN BIEBER! )

Movies and TV:

I HATE THE SHOW HANNAH MONTANNA I LOVE TEEN NICK THOUGH ( Once again me and arri17 think alike!)


MOSTLY ALL OF THEM ( Once agian me and arri17 think alike!)


Music, Art history and drawing


MY Fav color would be BLUE i love all animals and i have 4 hermit crabs i have 3 dogs 1 fish and 1 hampster ya I LIve in a zoo


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Profile Glog: I love hippies!

I love hippies!